Friday 6th of May 2016

The Medicine of Ra.     

This week we are working with the Medicine of Ra.

Ra was the name given to the consciousness of our sun during the time of Egypt. This sun god was worshiped as the source of light and life, his great solar body being home for many forms of life, including us and our Earth.

Recently on Saturday April 23 2016 1.30PM (Perth time), a significant solar event occurred… the sun breathed in! NASA reports show that for a period of 2 hours the magnetic flow of energy from the sun reversed causing the temporary collapse of the Earth’s protective magnetosphere. (To read more about this event go to
The polarity shift of the solar light represents a transitional change for our solar system, a shifting in the consciousness of the solar deity. New solar codes now flow from the sun triggering evolutionary shifts to all connected to this light.

During this event, which caused the magnetosphere of the Earth to be neutralised, the Earth received an intense influx of new solar energy into her core, recalibrating her body and releasing her from previously held timelines of energy held in the magnetic field… this is true for ourselves as well, for our bodies are created from the Earth.

So what does this mean for us? Our bodies, being a living energetic system, also has a magnetic field which will have been altered by this solar shift whether we are aware of it or not. Like the Earth, our magnetic centre will have been reset triggering shifts in our physical, emotional and mental bodies. The more we can bring our awareness to allowing ourselves to surrender and let go of what no longer serves us, the easier our transition will be. Sound energy is a wonderful medium to vibrate the areas that need to release, especially when assisted by personal intention.

We offer the Medicine of Ra to bring forth the sound energy to assist your body to recalibrate to its new magnetic centre, to release old karmic ties to past timelines, to bring ease to your personal transition and to connect you to the flow of new solar codes now streaming from the consciousness of our sun.

Weekly One Tribe Sound Healing sessions are held every Friday from 7:30-9:00pm at Beacon Yoga, 151 South Street Beaconsfield Perth (entry to the hall is on Field Street). Each week there is a different theme using unique instruments, intentions and medicine.

Cost is $30 per person (no EFTPOS facilities available). It is important to bring water, as this isn’t provided at the centre.

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