Friday 24th of October

Snake - Solar Eclipse Medicine

On this Friday’s new moon we celebrate the solar eclipse with Snake Medicine.


Snake is a powerful totem animal strongly associated with change. The snake regularly sheds its skin starting life afresh. Just like the snake, at times we need to shed our old skin freeing ourselves from outdated conditioning and restrictive patterns. Coupled with Friday’s solar eclipse, which is all about change in our physical lives (contrasted to a lunar eclipse which is all about inner transformation), this is a potent time for releasing the old to experience a shamanic rebirth.

Snake says: “I am here to support you on this powerful day of change. Allow my medicine to coil around you so that you can let go of that which no longer serves you. Free yourself so that you can once again lie naked upon the earth as you were born. Do not be afraid of change. Whilst change can be uncomfortable, holding onto what you have outgrown can be even more so”.

Come to this session ready to let go of the old allowing your natural pure state to reestablish itself.



Weekly One Tribe Sound Healing sessions are held every Friday from 7:30-9:00pm at Beacon Yoga, 151 South Street Beaconsfield Perth (entry to the hall is on Field Street). Each week there is a different theme using unique instruments, intentions and medicine.

Cost is $30 per person (no EFTPOS facilities available). It is important to bring water, as this isn’t provided at the centre.

To make a booking simply use the booking form to the right, email
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