Friday 29th of July 2016

The Medicine of the Star Sirius      

This week we journey with the Medicine of the star Sirius, as its impact upon us is heightened at this time.

Sirius is the brightest star visible in the night sky, a blue-white star known by names such as “Dog Star”, “Great Central Sun” and “sun behind the sun”. Throughout time and across cultures it has been given special spiritual importance and was thought to have direct influence on human consciousness. Due to its relative position to Earth within the Milky Way Galaxy, it appears as a fixed star around which the constellations cycle. Of all the stars in the sky, only the annual heliacal rising of Sirius exactly matches our solar year of 365.25 days. Both the Egyptians and Mayans acknowledged that the annual appearance of Sirius behind our sun on the horizon heralded an influx of galactic light that began in the last week of July and continued into the first weeks of August, to them this was the true beginning of the solar year cycle.

In connecting to the influx of light from Sirius, our inner divinity is illuminated and our consciousness is pulsed with high vibrational light codes to progress our evolution. Within ancient teachings and esoteric symbolism there has always been a mystical link between Sirius and humanity, the star often portrayed as a powerful source of wisdom and knowledge, a guiding light illuminating our path.

In this session let the luminous light of the “sun behind the sun” flow through you, bringing its gifts of wisdom and activation, allowing your true divine nature to shine forth, revealing the star that you are.






Weekly One Tribe Sound Healing sessions are held every Friday from 7:30-9:00pm at Beacon Yoga, 151 South Street Beaconsfield Perth (entry to the hall is on Field Street). Each week there is a different theme using unique instruments, intentions and medicine.

Cost is $30 per person (no EFTPOS facilities available). It is important to bring water, as this isn’t provided at the centre.

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