Friday 19th of December

Christ Consciousness Medicine  

This week we celebrate the unconditional love and enlightened state of Christ Consciousness.


Christ Consciousness Medicine connects us to the energy of unconditional love that was anchored and expanded upon the earth by the avatar Jesus. At this time when many come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we offer connection to the healing and loving essence that is at the heart of the sacred honouring within "Christ-Mass". 

Jesus was a living demonstration of the power of love and his capacity to use this for "miraculous" healings is well documented. Love and Fear are the true polarities that influence our consciousness. When we perceive the world through the filter of fear, we experience separation and disconnection - this experience can be within ourselves leading to "dis-ease" or it can be experienced as resistance, anger and disharmony within the relationships around us. Christ consciousness or Love-based consciousness allows us a different perception of ourselves and our world. It has the capacity to transform our experience of separation bringing us to a sense of integration, acceptance and connection.

Christ Consciousness Medicine inducts a safe and loving space where fear can be transformed into love, opening our hearts into the experience of our oneness with all things. Come and share in this co-created space of love, our sacred gift to you in celebration and appreciation of the avatar Jesus. A beautiful and powerful journey on this last One Tribe session for 2014. 

Weekly One Tribe Sound Healing sessions are held every Friday from 7:30-9:00pm at Beacon Yoga, 151 South Street Beaconsfield Perth (entry to the hall is on Field Street). Each week there is a different theme using unique instruments, intentions and medicine.

Cost is $30 per person (no EFTPOS facilities available). It is important to bring water, as this isn’t provided at the centre.

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